About Us

Based in New Jersey, New Line Safety LLC specializes in intumescent fire safety technologies, namely CEASEFIRE™, additives that are suitable to be mixed into most organics, plastics, and manufactured materials we supplied to end-users to make their products fire retardant. In such cases our goal is to make those products capable of passing ASTM E84,  E119, and E162 Class A V0 testing.  We are a firm proponent of the belief that investing in safety saves your investments.  Thus we have a small line of products used in the construction field that came out of R&D projects for clients that have allowed us to introduce them to the commercial and industrial users. We are joined together with much larger firms that work with us to achieve the goals of our clients.  Together we are the fundamental beginning of non halogen, non toxic, fish friendly, and non water soluble intumescent industry.  All of our  technologies are engineered, produced, and warehoused in America, we do ship abroad.

Our business model is designed to bring the invaluable advantages of the small business into the corporate sphere. We give every client our personal attention, viewing each R&D project as if it is a joint venture. We deploy all of our resources to assist our clients in developing the best possible product in an economically efficient and timely fashion.

Individualized Service

Each client is assigned a representative who works closely with them through the R&D process and beyond. The representative coordinates meetings with our team of chemists, processes client orders, schedules lab time, and attends to anything else that is required to meet the needs of the customer.

Chemical Experts

Headed by the inventor of our CEASEFIRE™ technology, our chemists are seasoned with decades of experience in flame resistance and fire protection. Our team is readily available for consultation to ensure that our clients’ projects are given top priority and are developed properly to the most abstract specifications. Test results and samples are analyzed, and in-house laboratory testing is conducted when deemed necessary.


We hold in strictest confidence the exclusive technologies of our clients. We understand the sensitivity of chemical formulations and go to great lengths to ensure that trade secrets are protected. We are no stranger to NDA's we offer a simple 4 page two party agreement, but entertain much larger and more vast ones.  We do not advertise or publish the ground-breaking results we achieve with our R&D clients, recognizing and respecting their proprietary information as being of utmost importance. When warranted, we offer them exclusivity in specific industries. With the greatest respect to all of our clients, we are careful not to entertain inquiries from competitive companies.

We are able to be reached by telephone at 1-201-379-5366